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Pacific Blue's Miracle Crash CGC TKN


Born: October 29, 2015

Crash is the only surviving puppy from his litter.  The day before Thanksgiving 2015 while I was transporting the litter and mother we were hit in a head on collision.

Crash does suffer from some life long injuries but we are dedicated to giving him the best life we can.

Pacific Blue's Roman Empire CGC


Born: November 28, 2016

Roman was not produced by us.  He came to us when he was 12 weeks old.  Roman had minimal socialization therefore is very scared of the world.  He was also diagnosed at one year old with deteriorating knees. Roman loves his people and his best dog friend is Boomer. 


Age: 3 years old

Elsa is a double merle who came to us at about a year and a half old extremely malnourished and petrified of everyone.  Elsa has been with us for over a year and a half and will reside with us for the duration of her life.  Elsa is finally coming around and snuggling in bed and she has learned that she will never miss a meal or be forced to live outside ever again in her life.



Born: November 11, 2011

Jag is a German Shepherd who was surrendered by his young owners at 6 months old because he was "too big". Well he is a very big shepherd and he also loves big!  Jag loves to swim and chase a ball! He loves people and is always happy!



Age: Approximately 9 years old

We think Hazie is an Austrailian Shepherd Mix.  She was rescued out of Mexico.  She spent most of her early life as a Feral Mexican Street Dog.  She was finally captured after animal control followed her for nine months.  She then spent the next year living in the yard of the rescue under a bush.  She was unapproachable and unpredictable.  One day I spoke with the director and we decided to do a trial with her.  Knowing she was "special needs" I was prepared to spend an endless amount of time training and socializing her.

Overall 7 years later I would not change anything.  She is the most loyal dog I have ever come across and greets me with a wiggle butt every time I walk through the door!


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