Our Retired Danes

Here you will find the great danes who we have retired.  We are very transparent in regards to our program.  but we are that way because we want you to know we are doing the very best for our program and future family members and service dogs.

Crystal Blue Isabella


Bella was very sweet and whelped two litters in her time with us.  Unfortunately we lost her far too soon.  Bella did not survive the head on collision that I was in on the Eve of Thanksgiving 2015.  Bella produced some wonderful babies and we miss her tremendously.  We are fortunate to have a daughter (Athena) and a son (Crash) here in our home forever.

MD’s Maximus X-Ray


Max was bred by MD Danes (www.mddanes.com) Max was a wonderful Sire to his puppies and produced some beautiful well tempered babies. Max now enjoys the retired life with his family. He is loved and cared for by the Riddell’s in NC. Thank you both so much for loving this boy!

Pacific Blue's Forever Faithful

'Mabel' (Formerly Faith)

Mabel is a very sweet and loving girl.  She absolutely loves her people and always remembers everyone!  Unfortunately we retired Mabel before her ever producing a litter due to same sex aggression prior to spay.  We do not tolerate same sex aggression in our breeding program.

Luckily once spayed Mabel was back to being her happy go lucky self and she was placed into a loving pet home where she is absolutely adored by her humans and loves all of her doggy siblings!  Thank you Crane family for giving Mabel the loving home she deserves!

IntCh MD's Pacific Blue Raven CGC TKN


Raven is a gem.  She loves her family and is their protector but has never met a stranger.  Raven loves to host and be the life of the party. She will snuggle right up next to anyone willing to let her sit with them.  We recently retired Raven after finding that she really just didn't like being a mom. She had one litter (16 puppies) and we got the pleasure of bottle feeding the entire litter. Needless to say we are not going to force her to do something she does not enjoy.  She is now happily retired to the couch with her own family to watch over for the remainder of her life!  Thank you Agaj family for loving her!

Pacific Blue's Goddess Athena CGC TKN


Retiring soon to go play as a performance dog!


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